What is a Directivist? 

 Quotes by Marta Baricsa

Founder of Directivism in art.



  • I consider myself a Directivist and I paint with deliberate intent.

The works are direct fluid movement that stem immediately from a source.

They can be linear or sculptural - concrete or random in composition.

I use minimal brushwork and the purist clean, clear paint

Done with no corrections and only over painting where it is intended

Because it is exact as it is meant to be.

I am the founder of Directivism in art.



  • When I paint - I am Directivism.


  • D.O.L.A =  development of  language art.



  • I do not like I move beyond them.

( regarding the D.O.L.A Directivist paintings )



  • There are lots of colours but very few true colours.



  • You won't likely see any pencil drawings by me - unless I was an ant,

then the pencil would be a suitable tool.



  • It is probably because I never learned to cover up any mistakes in my painting

 that I never make any.



  • If you x-rayed my paintings you would see what is there is only what is there. 




 Sweetie here is pretty sure she "gets" Directivism and she likes it.

Those birds are pretty damn smart!