Contemporary abstract paintings

by Marta Baricsa

Founder of Directivism in art.


"Your non-narrative paintings evoke contemporary Japanese calligraphy"

Nato Thompson, Curator MASS MoCA 



Turquoise Om float by Marta Baricsa.

Turquoise Om ~ float. Acrylic on canvas. 55 x 78"

In between space by Marta Baricsa.

In between space. Acrylic on canvas. 53.5 x 78"  

      Recent Exhibition in Toronto!!

Marta Baricsa OCADU exhibition in Toronto 2016

Photo courtesy of OCADU Alumni.

Marta Baricsa La roche painting 2014

"La roche". Acrylic on canvas. 51 x 65"  2014

Marta Baricsa A venture painting 2014

"A venture". Acrylic on canvas. 55 x 66"  2014

"I found your paintings to be very intriguing"

Elizabeth Dunbar, Chief Curator. Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art. Wichita State, KS

"About much". Acrylic on canvas. 48 x 60" N/A

Marta Baricsa painting seen in Big Eyes movie

"Spanish sun" Acrylic on canvas. 48 x 60". N/A

Marta Baricsa abstract painting seen in Big Eyes movie

Commission for Tim Burton's Big Eyes movie. This is one of 8 paintings.

Marta with "2 o'clock Ibiza"

Acrylic on primed canvas.

60 x 84"


Marta with her painting in Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey House, Christian Grey
Marta Baricsa with her painting Untitled, 11, 2003 that's in Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Grey House.
Thanks Peter & David! And special thanks to David & Sandy Wasco and Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Marta Baricsa painting seen in Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey House, Christian Grey

A Marta Baricsa painting in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Directivist portrait of Tim Burton after Big Eyes.
30 x 60"




        Article on Directivism


Marta Baricsa with Directivist Composition 2

 See the recent article about my paintings and Directivism in the

Paris online Magazine Levure Litteraire.





 Very large paintings


"Your work appears to be quite fine, better than much of the pure abstraction we see here."

Ethan Karp, OK Harris Works of Art. NY



     2001 to 2006 Large works


"Your minimal use of bold color is particularly striking in conjunction with your neutral palette"

Lisa Dorin, Assistant Curator. Williams College Museum of Art. MA



              Super Powers paintings 2005              




Marta Baricsa Bio picture

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"I consider myself a Directivist and I paint with deliberate intent.

The works are direct fluid movement that stem immediately from a source.

They can be linear or sculptural - concrete or random in composition.

I use minimal brushwork and the purist clean, clear paint. 

Done with no corrections and only over painting where it is intended.

Because it is exact as it is meant to be."


"I am the founder of Directivism in art."

Marta Baricsa